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The Pilot: Greg Shelton lives in Collinsville, Oklahoma. His interest in aviation began at an early age watching Borate Bombers in Northern California and listening to his father’s adventures of flying fighters in the U.S. Navy. In 1982, Greg started flying lessons in a J-3 Cub, but before he finished his pilot’s license, he traded it for a Starduster II so he could pursue aerobatics. Greg’s next aircraft was an AT-6 project. When I say project, I do mean project, because the airplane didn’t even have an engine or a propeller. Using parts from the RCAF, US Navy, Indian AF, USAF, Spanish AF, and the Norwegian AF, Greg spent over four years restoring this historic airplane. What originally started as a 1952 Canadian Harvard MK IV that served in the RCAF from 1952 through 1965 has become one of the most beautiful Warbirds on the aerobatic air show circuit. Greg has also performed in the Yak-52 and from 1994 to 2003 in the Yak-55M.

In December of 2006, Greg sold his AT-6 to make room for his new airplane, the Wildcat.

In 2003, Greg Shelton decided to add a wing-walking act to his growing list of air show performances. He purchased a beautiful 450 Stearman painted in the patriotic colors of red, white, and blue. And after almost 20 years of flying solo around the air show circuit, he enlisted the talents of Ashley Battles to walk and ride the wings.

The Wing-walker: Ashley Battles was raised as a Georgia peach in Augusta, Georgia. Her passion for aviation led her back to Tulsa, Oklahoma to pursue a career in flying. Ashley started flying at age 16 and wing walking at age 20. She has her grandfather to thank for her passion and dedication to the aviation industry. She hopes she will follow in his footsteps as a skilled and talented warbird pilot. Ashley has been a pilot since 2000 and has so far obtained her Commercial certificate, Multi-Engine, Instrument, and several type ratings. She has flown thousands of hours as a fire patrol pilot, an airline pilot, and a warbird pilot. In addition to flying, Ashley has an Aviation degree from Oklahoma State University. She has been the proud owner of a Russian Yak 52, a founder of the Rodger L. Modglin Memorial Engineering Scholarship, National Event Coordinator for the Red Star Pilots Association, the Vice President of the Ninety-Nines International Intercollegiate Internet Chapter, and a member of the AOPA, EAA, and Women in Aviation.

The Plane: The 1943 Super Stearman first served with the US Navy as an N2S-3 and was later converted to a 450 HP crop duster in the early 1950’s. In 1984, it was transformed into the colorful and entertaining show plane that you see today. The 450 HP Pratt & Whitney engine was built by Tulsa Aircraft Engines.

The 1944 FM-2, officially called the ‘Wildcat’, was named the “Best Fighter Below 10,000 Feet” compared to the F6F, F4U, P-47, and P-51. The FM-2 was the most built and most powerful version of the Wildcats, often referred to as the “Wilder” Wildcat.  Wildcats were the main Navy and Marine Corps fighter at the start of World War II and fought in all the major battles, including Wake Island, Guadalcanal, and Midway, until the Hellcat came along in 1943. The Wildcat is best known for its contribution to the Battle of Midway during World War II. Butch O’Hare shot down five Japanese Bombers that were attacking the USS Lexington, becoming the first US Navy Ace of WWII. A Wildcat is on display in the Chicago O’Hare airport that was named after him. Eight Medal of Honor recipients were Wildcat pilots, which is more than any other fighter aircraft of WWII. After the introduction of the Hellcat, Wildcats continued to serve as a front line fighter throughout the War. Greg’s Wildcat flew at NAS Alameda and San Diego in VJ9 and VJ12 utility squadron’s most likely towing targets. It was given to a high school in Livingston, Montana in February 1946. In 1956 it was sold and used for aerial photography use. After that, it was passed around from owner to owner and was on display in the Lone Star Flight Museum for 15 years until coming home to Greg’s hangar.

*For air shows held outside of the continental United States, the folding wings on the Wildcat allow it to fit in military transport aircraft.*

Ashley is available for speaking engagements prior to air shows.

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