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black michael kors bags on sale,if you intend to buy one, I will recommend black michael kors bags on sale to you, for it is now plied with free shipping and 100% quality guarantee! the ocean, over a period of about five years.Of these, the best known is the "great Pacific rubbish patch" in the northwest Pacific which stretches about 700,000sq km.Midway Atoll is also in the northwest Pacific, just over 2000km from Honolulu and 4000km from Japan. Evidence of humanity's "civilisation" litters the shore: toothbrushes, mugs, lightbulbs and lighters in an array of colours. And 8.6 tonnes of nets are washed up each year, often containing seals and turtles.The water surrounding the island is littered with plastic detritus michael kors handbags on sale usa eaten by fish and mammals and regurgitated by birds to their chicks. Nearly michael kors tote bags on sale all albatross chicks are michael kors python bag sale fed plastic. Researchers found 17 bottle caps inside one adult bird's carcass.New research from Dr Hideshige Takada, a Japanese scientist at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, shows that pieces of plastic suck in toxins in the seawater.Dr Takada is researching persistent organic pollutants (POPs) chemicals which include harmful michael kors harness boots sale michael kors bags sale usa pesticides such as DDT, michael kors purses on sale dillards and textile flame retardants. POPs break down slowly. They michael kors diaper bag sale can dissolve in oil, fat and plastic (a "solid oil")."Concentrations in marine plastic fragments are millions of times highe michael kors white handbag sale discontinued michael kors handbags sale authentic michael kors purses on sale
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